What is a monogram?

A monogram consists of an individual's 3 initials. Adding a monogram is an easy way to make a gift or item more personal. By adding a monogram, you can take an ordinary gift and make it into an extraordinary, thoughtful gift.

How do you monogram for a female?

A traditional female monogram is First initial, Last initial (larger), Middle initial. Married women often substitute their maiden name's initial for the middle initial. Single initials for females can be either the first name initial or last name initial - this is personal preference. 

How do you monogram for a male?

Traditionally, male monograms are First initial, Middle initial, Last initial. For traditional male monograms, all letters are the same size. However, in recent years this trend is less absolute than in years past. More and more men are using the larger Last name initial in the center like the traditional female monogram. Single initials for men can be wither the first name initial or last name initial - this is personal preference.

How do you monogram for a married couple?

For a married couple, the monogram is the stylized like a traditional female monogram with a larger initial in the center. The order for a married couples monogram is as follows: Female's First Name Initial - Married Last Name Initial - Male's First Name Initial. 

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