OH WOW! It's done. It has been on the "TO DO" list for quite some time. You know...those to do lists that keep getting pushed further and further back because everyday business doesn't stop?? Yep...just like that. 

Anyway, so back to the item that has been checked off of my To Do list - finally!! 

So! This Labor Day Weekend, my Mac and I spent a good amount of time together. Coding, recoding, coding again, recoding again...until, at last, it worked to my satisfaction!!! EMBROIDERY OPTIONS ARE ADDED TO THE WEBSITE!! 

I am so excited. This is going to give our out of town customers the ability to get the Heidi's personalized touch to their items! It is also going to give our local customers the option of choosing their item AND monogram from the comfort of their own home. YAY! YAY! YAY!

I have successfully added (until a customer tells me otherwise - LOL) the option of adding personalization to an item that can be embroidered. Further, you can choose to embroider a name or initial, male or female styles, choose your colors, etc.

Next up...I will be adding vinyl monogram options! STAY TUNED. Happy shopping AND monogramming! 


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